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Newburgh Rotary

The Rotary Club is a nonsectarian service organization whose motto is “Service above self”. Membership includes more than 1,200,000 members in nearly 30,000 clubs through-out 163 countries. The Newburgh Rotary Club meets for lunch every Tuesday at 12:15pm at the Powelton Country Club, 29 Balmville Rd, Newburgh. N.Y. Interested parties can fiend out more about the Newburgh Rotary Club and opportunities to give back to the community by attending a Rotary Club Meeting. There is a $15 charge for lunch.


Club News

Next Meeting will be our Installation Party, the evening of Wed., July 8th at the Powelton Club. The meeting is by invitation and surplants the usual Tues. Lunch meeting.


7/15, Wed., 11am  Independent Square Apartments Grand Open/Ribbon Cutting and Peace Pole planting.


6/30/15 Meeting Highlights

IMG_20150707_154308Pres. Lou’s last meeting, leading                the group in an idea session.

The Club did not have a guest speaker, so the group enjoyed good food, good fellowship and an exchange of ideas for good works..

6/23/15 Meeting Highlights


Our distinguished speaker was Barry Lewis, Executive’s Editor of the Times Herald- Record. His personal and humorous delivery took us through his childhood, career, the newspaper’s adaptability to change and it’s commitment to a local editorial philosophy.

Also, Ann Miller visited to bring the Club up-to-date regarding the up-coming  Independent Square event. And asked whomever is coming to RSVP.

5/1615 Meeting Highlights

DSC_0014Asrar presenting pictures of Iran

An active and beloved member of our Club, Asrar Medwar, presented his recent trip to Iran, with his wife and a small multi-religious group, with impressive pictures of clean grand architecture and an enlightening narrative, including how hospitable and interested the man-on-the-street was towards them as Am


5/10/15 Meeting Highlights


Induction: Mike, Allie, Cheri and Lou

The highlight of the day was the official induction of Cheri Krusen as a member of the Club! The rest of the meeting was devoted to good fellowship and a discussion regarding an additional fundraiser.

5/2/15 Meeting Highlights




DSC_0005 Mike & Jonathan with Howard & Ed 

Howard Goldin and Ed Frank, Spring Valley Rotarians and Vietnam vets, presented their experiences building the powerfully effective STEP (Schools to End Poverty) initiative in multiple poor undeveloped countries, beginning in Vietnam in 2006. They were introduced by Rotarian Mike Matsler’s son, Jonathan, who had previously interviewed Mr Frank as part of his Eagle Scout project related to the local National Purple Heart Hall of Fame. At the end, the hat was passed around voluntarily, collecting $250 to pay for two-year STEP scholarship. (Contact us if you want to know more about STEP.).



Our 8th annual TASTE OF GREATER NEWBURGH fundraiser took place at the Mount Saint Mary College from 12:30 to 2:30pm, May 17th. 23 area restaurant struted their stuff with better than sumptious food and drink. The band played lively jazz–and fun was had by all!  Proceeds will go to worthwhile community based programs that help those who need assistance.  To view the participating food providers and sponsors visit http//:www.tasteofgreaternewburgh.com