The Rotary Club is a nonsectarian service organization whose motto is “Service above self”. Membership includes more than 1,200,000 members in nearly 30,000 clubs through-out 163 countries. The Newburgh Rotary Club meets for lunch every Tuesday at 12:15pm at the Powelton Country Club, 29 Balmville Rd, Newburgh. N.Y. Interested parties can find out more about the Newburgh Rotary Club and opportunities to give back to the community by attending a Rotary Club Meeting.


Club Upcoming Highlights


  • 2/14:    Meeting will be at COSIMOS on Union Ave, Rt 300.
  • 2/21:    Meeting will again COSIMOS.
  • 2/28:     Meeting at BLISS KITCHEN at 94 S. Robinson Ave.
  • 3/7:        Meeting at CAPTAIN JAKES at the river.
  • 3/14:     Meetings return to the  Powelton  Club.






JoanMcGuirk introducing her staff speakers

The luncheon meeting was at St Lukes Hospital in the Board Room. Joan McGuirk, CEO of the hospital and Rotary member, hosted an interesting program regarding palliative care by  Dr. Kirti Joseph and Sue Marfore.




Dan, Pres. Dave and Jeaninne flank our new member, Deborah Sager

The Club initiated our fourth new member for the fiscal year, Deborah Sager. Welcome, Deborah!


Our meeting at Red Ginger featured speakers Laura Dunn and Det. Spampinato regarding DARE’s progress , a local youth development program supported by the Club.



Pres. Dave presents a $500 check to Independent Living representativ, Julie Staunton.

Answa smoozes with the speaker Dennis Wepman

First meeting of the year at Gus’s. Dennis Wepman spoke regarding Newburghs jewel of a Museum, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. And a contribution was made to Independent Living’s Book for Kids.



Annual Christmas Party at the Powelton Club. Members had great fun with good food, a gift exchange game and music by Doug and his lovely wife.


Casey McDonald of the Hudson Valley Cancer Resource Center spoke regarding their service mentoring cancer patience through the complicated options during treatment.


Annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Walmart was successful breaking records for collection. Thank you Club member giving your time out in the cold!



Speaker wasJanice Valentine of Hospice.



Kathleen Maloney and  Eileen Osterby from Orange Trust & Bank.


The NFA Madrigal Singers

Speakers were officers from the Orange Trust & Bank Trust Devision. Also the group enjoyed our annual Christmas program by the NFA Madrigal Singers…more beautiful than ever!



Business Meeting.



Our speaker was Everett Smith, Editor of New Windsor Sentinel.



dsc_0305  dsc_0308
James Leiner presenting.                     As always, great food by the Powelton.

The meeting was upbeat as a result of the great success of our new”Hoops” fundraiser, grossing over $11,000 and all of the participants leaving with smiles on their faces. We also enjoyed a presentation re  donuts, the Salvation Army and WWII “Doughboys” by writer and historian James F. Leiner.



hoops-logo-image4  Hoops & Swish Basketball Fun-Raiser!   A slam dunk!
See  HOOPS  page on this site.


10/25/16   Speaker was Sharon Williams – BB/BS of Orange County, more to come.



2015-16  Past President Mike receiving award from Nick.

Meeting focus was on the upcoming “Hoops” fundraiser, however a longtime friend of the Club, past District Governor Nick Constantino presented two awards for 2015-16 Club Membership growth.



Official visit of our District Governor, J. Louis Turpin, who spoke to the Club about  Rotary goals from International to local.  Discussion continued at a Board Meeting that followed the meeting.



Dr. ODock with Rev. Dave, Jeannine and Knut.

Dr. Vincent ODock, Ph.D. was inducted into the Club. He is a professor or Business & Economics at SUNY Orange.  Welcome!  Our speaker was Adria Gross Medical Billing Advocate



dsc_0362  a-recent-meeting-2
Karen Olsen, Sale Chair, Rev. Dave     Joe and Dr. Kennett
and Josh

Honored to welcome Mt. St. Marys College Interim President, Dr David Kennett to speak.  After the meeting Members helped with gently used clothing sale prep at the Union Presbyterian Church. The unsold clothing will go to the Salvation Army.



Regular Meeting featured Susan Hamilton, of the Dispute Resolution Center of Orange, Putnam, Sullivan Ctys



Speaker was Mike Gallo, from  Hannah’s Haven Animal Rescue



youthexchange9-6-16  youthexchangestudent9-6-16
Nan, Dave and Arturo                                          Arturo playing Shubert

Rotarians Nan and Dave Greenwood and District Exchange Student, Arturo, 16 of age from Spain, visited to speak regarding the Rotary Internationational and District Youth Exchange, describing its long history, how it works and hopes for participation in the 2017 program.  Local hosts do not have to be Rotarians.



Charlie, speaker Kevin, and John

A constructive Board Meeting preceded the usual luncheon meeting. The featured guest at the meeting was Kevin White, Director of Boys & Girls Club, who reviewed the strengthening of the organization over the last 6 years and its present significant programs.


8/17/16 (Posponement date)


A fun fellowship meeting!



EdDevittII w Dave 8-9-16
Dave, Vince  and speaker Ed

Regular business meeting with Ed Devitt II speaking compellingly about “Brain New Day” and Traumatic Brain Injury



NancyProyect8-2-16 mtg 0310
Our new V.P. Jeannine, and speaker Nancy

Club meeting with speaker Nancy Proyect, President, Orange County Citizens United, who discussed the organization’s mission and notable accomplishments.


DSC_0309  Knut Vincent_0330
Joan speaking.                                                 Knut with guest Dr. Vincent

Club meeting with speaker Joan Cusack-McGuirk, SLCH, who explained the rationale for closing the Cornwall Emergency Room.










The Club hosted local non-profit recipients of 2015-16 Rotary contributions. Each organization’s representative enjoyed lunch and fellowship with the Club and  gave a status report regarding their activities. We thank them for all the good they do for our community.



DSC_0326  rDSC_0346
Mike introduces Lou.                               The new and the “old”.

DSC_0369  DSC_0304
Fun was had by all!                                  Doug and his magic fingers

Newburgh Rotary held it’s annual Installation and party at the Powelton Club this evening. Rev. Dave Mason was installed President by the our new District Governor, Lou Turpin.  Our outgoing president, Mike Matzler, reviewed the highlights of his term and recognized his officers and active Committee Chairs with gifts. After t he installation, Rev. Dave announced his objectives and theme “The Year of the Child” for the upcoming year.  Doug and Martha provided delightful music while Tom created a ongoing slide show reviewing the year and lead a fun game. Terrific  night. Thank you, Mike for a great year!



Committee busy at work

3rd Hoops & Swish Basketball Community Fundraiser planning meeting.



Chris SUNY O 6-28-16_153228

Club Meeting with speaker Dr. Kristine Young, SUNY Orange President, presenting an overview of the college direction.


Club Meeting with speaker Michelle Weyant re “New Life Now Hypnosis


5/31/16 & 6/7/16

Regular business meetings to wrap up fiscal year.




Jeanne Reese (l), friend and co-worker with Jeannine (r), came to the Taste, enjoyed it and is now considering membership; Victor Tobar (m), of SUNY Orange , Middletown, nine months of the year and part of Rotary in Chili  three months. He proposed possibly becoming sister clubs!!



DSC_0262 DSC_0318 DSC_0130 DSC_0110

9th annual TASTE OF GREATER NEWBURGH at Mt St Mary College, our primary fundraiser, was a resounding success! For more pictures go to www.tasteofgreaternewburgh.com 


Regular business meeting devoted to final plans for the upcoming Fundraiser.



The 2016 District Conference in Kingston was attended by 3 of our members.  Our Club won a Gold Award for Public Relations Excellence.


DSC_0065Charlie watching Cheri collecting “Happy $$s” from Barry

Regular meeting with speaker Barry Lewis of Times Herald-Record. He gave a “State of the paper” view–all good–and discussed the importance of the web and social media.



Bill Bassett, one of our distinquished District level activist, and speaker Dr David.

Regular meeting  with speaker Dr David Gallagher of NfA Career Development spoke of new programs to inspire and direct students towards meaningful careers.



Gary Siegel Talk 4-2016 DSC_0065 Ret Joshua as a new dad 4-2016 DSC_0087

Gary Spiegel speaks re Liberty Club’s           Joshua a bit a-glow
Haitian Clean Water Project.                              as a new father.

Gary Spiegel spoke regarding the Liberty Club Clean Water for Haitians project.  They have raised almost 90% of their $105,000 goal to finance home water filtration systems and their maintenance that will affect as many as 10,000 Haitians .



Peace Pole Beacon 4-2016 DSC_0059

Dedication of a Peace Pole at  Seeger Riverfront Park, Beacon, NY. Doug, Dan and Dave Conover of Clearwater are pictured.



JohnSmith Rejoin Rotary 4-19-16 DSC_0055

John, Cathy, Debbie and Ruth

John Smith was re-initiated into the Club. He rejoined his wife and two daughters, all committed Newburgh Rotarians. John is a past-president.  We welcome him back!



HappyDollars 3-29-16 _0048
David and Knut give “Happy Dollars” to Scott

Meeting was devoted to  “Taste” planning and other business.



IMG_20160405_123550917 IMG_20160405_173135

Mike, Dave and  John with his whole family (all Rotarians)      Jim speaking re
participating in his re-initiation into Rotary.                                     Mt St Mary College

Now settled into our usual home at the Powelton Club, we had a busy meeting with our speaker being the very new acting President of Mt. St. Mary College, Jim Raimo; followed by the re-initiation of one of the Club’s earliest and finest members, John Smith.



DSC_0072 selling 2016 Taste Tickets DSC_0055
Networking before  lunch.       Picking up “Taste of Greater Newburgh” tickets to sell.

Marlene Vance spoke re Braemar Assisted Living Residence in Wallkill (Middletown), describing              emar  the facilities and her role.



Dan Maughan speaking on hospital focus on value vs column of the past
The Regular Meeting was at St Lukes Hospital with Dan Maughan, V.P. Transition, as our featured speaker. He spoke about how hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, doctors’ offices and social services will interact to prevent major illnesses and maintain patient health to create a more efficient system and a healthier population over the next 4 years.



Obremskis3-15-16 DSC_0043

The Obremski’s, active District members from the Goshen Club, spoke on the rewards of being active at the International level of Rotary: Lots of new friends and networking. Members should remember to speak with our restaurants re participating in the Taste of Greater Newburgh and talk up the benefits of ordering attendance tickets early.


Doug and Biz Rowley sealing their deal

Taste” tickets are now available to sell and buy.  Elizabeth Rowley spoke re: Community Foundation, Doug is going to run his Rotary basketball basket sponsorship payments though them as it is very easy and donors can receive a tax break.




Debbie, Lou and Allie stuffing Restaurant Invitations for the Taste of Greater Newburgh

Business Meeting at Red Ginger Restaurant.




Joan, Judge McGuirk and membership Chair Jeannine

Regular Meeting with speaker Jeremy Schneider re: Orange County Land Trust. The Club also initiated and welcomed Judge John McGuirk as our newest member.



Safe Harbors Board Chairman, Eileen Osterby, Jen D’Andrea, Development Coordinator, Lisa Silverman, Exec. Director with Lou Chappo, past-president of Rotary


Meeting at River Grill, Safe Harbors’ Lisa Silverman presented good happenings in the City of Newburgh which included details of improvements and expanded use of the Newburgh Hotel and report that the arts are becoming a major attraction, e.g. art shows and concerts at the Ritz Theatre, Ann Street Gallery and more.




Neil and Charlie

At our regular meeting,  Neil Miller, Cornwall School Superintendent,  along with our Charlie, who is President of this District’s School Board spoke.  Although Cornwell ranks very high in the area, they focused on the difficulties schools have been experiencing primarily due to the State. They are more optimistic as some new approaches have come from the Governor recently. The hat was passed and $250 was raised  to support Safe Harbors’ upcoming annual Community Cleanup.



DSC_0053 DSC_0060

Charlie, speaker Dennis Wepman                  NFA Interact visitors: Joy ,Katie
and Deanne                                                        and Ki Hong Kim 


Pres. Mike, Membership Chair Jeannine,
new member Joan Cusack-McGuirk and sponsor Cathy

During our meeting at El Solar Café, Dennis Wepman, Director of Karpeles Manuscript Museum, spoke on the world-wide significant papers exhibiteded by the museum, its history and Mr. Karpeles who owns and curates this and 8 other museums throughout the U.S. His collections are all housed in exceptional edifices as the Newburgh one on Broadway.  The Club met the new NFA Interact advisor, Joy Robertson joined by the Interact President Katie Gravel and Treasurer Ki Hong Kim. The 3rd highlight was initiation of Joan Kusack-McGuirk to the Club. Welcome, Joan!




Speaker Elyse and Doug in deep discussion.

Our speaker was Elyse Goldberg, Director of Washington’s Headquarter at El Solar Café. The food was great and the talk was especially informative, reminding us how important the Newburgh area was to the American Revolutionary War’s success.


1/5 & 1/12/16

Business meetings at Gus’s Restaurant.  As always in the winter, Gus’s is extremely hospital and ohhhh that pastrami on rye! Thank you, Gus’s, again this year.





The Club enjoyed a fun Christmas Dinner Party with members and their guests at the Powelton Club.  The food was delicious. Doug Martin and his wife entertained the group with piano, violin and song. And,  Doug lead members in bell ringing. Gifts were exchanged. Everyone went home full of Holiday joy.



DSC_0007 DSC_0017

To celebrate the holidays, the NF Madrigal Singers, under the direction of Christa Damartis of the Arts & Communication Dept.,  entertained at this week’s meeting. Also, Millie Gutierrez Colon, was given a gift for her exceptional service to our NFA Interact Club, by Cathy. Millie is retiring from this responsibility. We’ll miss her.




Two of  of the many Rotarians, Dick and Jeanine, who rang the bell for Salvation Army all day at  Walmart, Newburgh.




Joshua, Deane, Heather and Brenda

CEO Heather Howley, Independent HelIcopter located at Stewart, spoke about her professional journey and her company’s services.  And, Joshua Jones was voted into the Club.




Rebecca Faubert, Flower Sale chair, hands out bouquets to members

Club members picked up bouquets of Fall flowers to fill orders from Rotary supporters, to raise funds for community projects.



New Peace Pole raised at Downing Park, Newburgh this beautiful morning.




Pres. Mike giving check to  Rev. Deacon Vonnie Hubbard











Bob DiNardo, Board Member NYS Research & Training Institute, spoke regarding a promising new treatment for PTSD.  And, aa $300 Rotary check was given to Loaves & Fishes.



Rebecca Faubert, Tom Woodhull, and Vonnie Hubbard

The Club welcomed the Rev. Deacon Vonnie Hubbard of Grace Episcopal Church, Newburgh to membership.  Vonnie was the recipient last year of the Human Rights Commission Award.



(picture to come)

Joan McGuirk, Acting CEO St. Luke’s Hospital, gave a  factual and  informative presentation regarding the present and future state of the hospital, with assurances that St. Luke’s will be our community’s hospital far into the future.




County Executive, Steve Neuhouse, spoke  re the state of the County and shared some of his goals. He was generous with his time in speaking and answering questions from a very engaged membership.




Approx. half of total merged Club. Dick Carpenter is shaking hands with Mike Matsler


Mike, Gil, Elizabeth Green, Officer Vincent Spampinato , Allie and Cathy

Gil Piaquadio, Supervisior for the Town o Newurgh and Andy Zarutskie, Newburgh Town Clerk addressed the group, covering the topical local subjects of the day, including the airport and energy plants’ status, and the services the Town Clerk provides. After lunch the group unanimously approved the technical steps to merge Newburgh Rotary and New Windsor Cornwall Rotary, soon to be renamed the GREATER NEWBURGH ROTARY CLUB. Finally, a $1,000 check was cut to continue supporting DARE and its great effort creating better understanding between law enforcement and students.


0/6/15 Meeting Highlights


After the meeting, many members continued over to Union Church to help organize, bag and distribute lightly used clothing to give to those in need throughout the greater Newburgh area. Over 1,000 pieces of clothing were transported to Bethlehem Presbyterian, who will complete distribution and approximately 250 pieces of men’s clothing were set aside to be delivered to Exodus at a later date..


9/29/15 Meeting Highlights


Members Bobby and Asrar, after Asrar’s donation pledge

Our speaker was George Green, Town of New Windsor Supervisor, who updated the group on local infrastructure, particularly the status in his town and its importance to the present and future state of the economy in our area, with special focus on the airport. We saluted member, Asrar Ahmed for more than answering the call, offering TWO free used panel trucks from his business, Home Health Pavillion, to Family Promise AND Exudus.


9/23/15 Meeting Highlights


Jonathan shows the pre-pub proof of his new book

A general business meeting was held, preceded by a Board Meeting. Detective V. Spampinato spoke on behalf of DARE re our continued support of this fine, expanding youth program, Johnathan Matsler presented a sample of his book now being published, “Hearts of Valor, The Stories of 22 Puple Heart Veterans”.


9/15/15 Meeting Highlights

DSC_0041-7 Bill Larkin speaks to the Club

Senator Bill Larkin, a hearty 88 years young, reminisced about WWII soldiering years and the horror, and bravery, of war, as well as commented on current international issues.

Richard W. Drao, Sr Vice Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, spoke on the organization and underlined that it is all about the solders, not about any war.


9/8/15 Meeting Highlights







Debbie Johnson, member & exec. at Smith Insurance hosts Glenn Polansky, Steve Zeng, & Everett Patterson, Jr. of Crystal Run

The speaker today was Glenn Polansky, Executive Director of Crystal Run Health Plan. He spoke of the company’s commitment to cost efficiencies to pass on while providing a new quality level of health care.


9/1/15 Meeting Highlights


Tom sponsor of new member Bobby, Nick, new member Jeannine and her sponsor Rev. Dave 

Our District Governor, Nick Constantino, visited the Club. He met with our local Board of Directors, spoke to the full Club regarding district & worldwide Rotary activities, and inducted new members Bobby Lane and Jeannine Miller.


8/25/15 Meeting Highlights


Cheri, Wes, Rebecca, Barbara & Pres. Mike

Wes and Barbara Gottlock, volunteers committed to bringing back Bannerman’s Island, spoke regarding the Island’s colorful history, the huge project of rebuilding the Castle and grounds back to its glory days and how the public can enjoy it even though it’s not yet finished.


8/18/15 Meeting Highlights


Peter, our Treas. Allie & Pres. Mike

Peter Bedrossian, program Director of the Purple Heart Hall of Honor spoke, regarding the Hall’s reno, finding the recipients and some of their heart-rendering stories.


8/11/15 Meeting Highlight1

ScholarshipRecip BrendanKachou114

Ed Sylcox, recipient Brendan Kachou and Dave Green

Brendan Kachou was awarded the Louis Bozzone Scholarship, which has been given for over 30 years by the New Windsor-Cornwall Rotary Club. They brought the scholarship to our merger so it can continue for years. Brendan will attend the Albany College of Pharmacy. A second senior received this Scholarship, Adrianna Pean, but was unavailable to be present.


8/4/15 Meeting Highlights


Charlie and David

David Morales of Promenade Assisted Living spoke of their newest facility in Middletown, now at the previous Southwinds location on Fulton. Their AALP (Affordable Assisted Living Program) will fill a significant need for seniors who can no longer live alone. One of 4 facilities, family owned, their philosophy is patients-oriented.


7/28/15 Meeting Highlights

Induction:  Pres. Mike, Knut & Vonnie

DSC_0039Charlie & Bill

– The meeting featured the induction of our newest member, Vonnie Hubbard. Welcome! We were honored that Knut Johnson, past District Governor, stepped forward to lead the ceremony.

– Bill Sestrom with Charlie Frankel spoke (both Rotarians). Bill is on the Board of the Hudson Valley Honor Flight organization that flies groups of older veterans, free, 4 times a year to Washington DC to visit war memorial sites, as a way to honor them. They spoke poignantly of the veterans’ experiences and showed great slides…also, need for financial support.

– Finally, so long Gary, we wish you the best in the Southwest.


7/22/15 Scholarship Presentation


Cathy with Alleyah and her mother, Holly

At the 2015 Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan Scholarship Reception, Alleyah Force received the Archie Stewart Scholarship from our Newburgh Rotary Scholarship Chair, Cathy McCarty. Alleyah is an outstanding student, and president for 2 years of the NFA Interact Club sponsored by Rotary. She plans to attend Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, towards a career in social work.


7//21/15 Meeting Highlights


Pres. Mike, Cathy & Richie

Richie Lay, Chairman of the Board of the Purple Heart Hall of Honor, spoke about another passion, Equestrian Rescue in Walden, NY. Richie told a personal story of post-war PTS healing, due to his relationship with a horse there.


7/15/15 New Peace Pole Placed


Doug Struromski reports on the success of the event

The Club participated in the Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting and 14th Newburgh Peace Pole placement ceremonies at the new Independence Square Apartments.


7/14/15 Meeting Highlights

Andy Jomonchek, of the Purple Heart Hall of Honor spoke regarding the organization and dramatic physical museum changes just made. He invited Rotary to their Gala Reopening Ceremony 8/15/15.


7/8/15 Evening Meeting Highlights

The Club joined together to install their new 2015-16 officers. The group was sizable including wives, and the New Windsor-Cornwall Club which will be effectively merged with Newburgh as of this evening. Welcome! Lou’s team was lauded and Mike’s team greeted. NW-C brought their fine, fine bell to keep the Club on time. The evening  bubbled with lots of good humor, finery and wonderful food.


6/30/15 Meeting Highlights


Pres. Lou’s last meeting, leading  the group in an idea session.

There was no guest speaker at Lou’s last meeting; rather the Club enjoyed good food, good fellowship and an exchange of ideas for further good works.


6/23/15 Meeting Highlights


Our distinguished speaker was Barry Lewis, Executive’s Editor of the Times Herald-Record. His personal and humorous delivery took us through his childhood, career, the newspaper’s adaptability to change and it’s commitment to a local editorial philosophy.


5/1615 Meeting Highlights

DSC_0014Asrar presenting pictures of Iran

An active and beloved member of our Club, Asrar Medwar, presented his recent trip to Iran, with his wife and a small multi-religious group, with impressive pictures of clean grand architecture and an enlightening narrative, including how hospitable and interested the man-on-the-street was towards them as Americans.


5/10/15 Meeting Highlights


Induction: Mike, Allie, Cheri and Lou

The highlight of the day was the official induction of Cheri Krusen as a member of the Club! The rest of the meeting was devoted to good fellowship and a discussion regarding an additional fundraiser.

5/2/15 Meeting Highlights

DSC_0005 Mike & Jonathan with Howard & Ed 

Howard Goldin and Ed Frank, Spring Valley Rotarians and Vietnam vets, presented their experiences building the powerfully effective STEP (Schools to End Poverty) initiative in multiple poor undeveloped countries, beginning in Vietnam in 2006. They were introduced by Rotarian Mike Matsler’s son, Jonathan, who had previously interviewed Mr Frank as part of his Eagle Scout project related to the local National Purple Heart Hall of Fame. At the end, the hat was passed around voluntarily, collecting $250 to pay for two-year STEP scholarship. (Contact us if you want to know more about STEP.).



Our 8th annual TASTE OF GREATER NEWBURGH fundraiser took place at the Mount Saint Mary College from 12:30 to 2:30pm, May 17th. 23 area restaurant showed-off their culinary skills with better than sumptuous food and drink. The band played lively jazz–and fun was had by all! Proceeds will go to worthwhile community based programs that help those who need assistance.  To view the participating food providers and sponsors visit http//:www.tasteofgreaternewburgh.com