The Rotary Club is a nonsectarian service organization whose motto is “Service above self”. Membership includes more than 1,200,000 members in nearly 30,000 clubs through-out 163 countries. The Newburgh Rotary Club meets for lunch every Tuesday at 12:15pm at the Powelton Country Club, 29 Balmville Rd, Newburgh. N.Y. Interested parties can find out more about the Newburgh Rotary Club and opportunities to give back to the community by attending a Rotary Club Meeting.


Club Upcoming Highlights

  • 5/16:     Speaker will be Jim Bakum of the Orange County Office of Emergency Management
  • 5/21:    THE TASTE  OF GREATER NEWBURGH at Mt St Mary College.! Save the date!  Visit www.tasteofgreaternewburgh.com
  • 6/3:        Information table at Newburgh Illuminated.
  • 11/4:     2nd Annual Basketball HOOPS event.





Julie Stainton andDamian DePauw spoke regarding their new Recovery Center at Independent Living




Dan Olson Newburgh Rotary, Barbara Gottlock, assistant caretaker and author on Bannerman, Jim Damiani Governor Elect Rotary 7210, and Doug Sturomski Newburgh Rotary.

Members of the Newburgh Rotary lead the effort to plant a peace pole near the summit of Bannerman’s Island, a perfect location selected by the Bannerman Castle Trust.



Acting president Cathy, Pete and new member chair Jeannine
Mindy Ross and Marlene Stang spoke regarding the Newburgh Preparatory School.  The Club received a report from Bob McCurdy, TASTE chair, that the event was successful. And Peter Seyfarth, was initiated as a new member of the Club. He will replace retiring Allie  Sacks, also from M&T, as treasurer.



Speakers were Russ Vernon and Andy Komonchuk updating happenings at this community’s valuable Newburgh Armory Unity Center.


DSC_0314Dr. Roberto Padilla, Dr Dr Padilla, Cathy  and  Charlie .

DSC_0319 DSC_0308Knut and Knut and Dave with tickets.  Our new banner with Anniversary Committee.

Our honored guest and speaker was Dr. Roberto Padilla, Superintendent of Schools, Newburgh Enlarged City School. Tickets are now printed for the Taste of Greater Newburgh and our new banner to celebrate the Newburgh Club’s 100th birthday is ready. Cathy McCarty, acted as president today, in Rev. Dave and Jeannine’s absences.



Julie, William Hecht and Charlie.

Doug, Dave Lambert, Joan and Pres. Dave

William Hecht, Superintendent of the Orange Ulster BOCES, spoke regarding BOCES services to Orange County schools. Then, David Lambert , Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley was initiated as a new member in our Rotary today.  David L., Joan , and Rev. Dave.


DSC_0311   DSC_0323

Rotary again stepped up to the plate, contributing $2,000. to Judy Kennedy’s “Hope for Judy” drive event at the Armory. Our donation was a big help in the event’s successful drive to meet $10,000 and receive a matching anonymous contribution. Good fortunes, Judy!!!!






Dave presents 100 year banner design, as Mike andJeannine listen.
Lots of new plans are under development, including our upcoming Taste of Greater Newburgh and celebration of our 100th birthday in Newburgh.


Rotary pets 4

The annual PETS Rotary officer training conference was attended by Knut, Jeannine  and Doug.




The Club welcomed another new member,


During March/17


Some of the proceeds from the Fall Basketball HOOPS event were awarded:  $2,000 to Baby Steps/Baby Pantry, $500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of OC, $500 to the Unity Center in Newburgh, $300 to EXODUS, $300 to RECAP of Newburgh and $2,000 to an international health program that is building a health camp for the very poor in Uganda.



Meeting at CAPTAIN JAKES at the river., with Sharon Williams of Big Brothers Big Sisters as speaker.



Pic 1: Terrie, HVParent publisher, Pres. Dave  & Matt, HVParent  consultant
Pic 2: Pres. Dave presents $500 checks to Doug Sturomski  and JoshJones

Our speakers were  Terrie Goldstein and Matt Silverman of Hudson Valley Parent magazine, a true service magazine, community focused for over 23 years.  The Club also donated $500 to the Worldwide Peace Bell Foundation and the Newburgh Salvation Army.




Pic 1:  Betty Djerf, Gwendolyn Viiglietta and Stand-in Pres. Bob
Pic 2:  Gil Piaquadio, Elizabeth Greene and Bob

Our meeting at Cosimos featured our newly sponsored Rotary Outbound Exchange Student, Gwendolyn Viglietta, who will spend a year in Southern Japan. The District 7210 Exchange Director, Betty Ojerf, accompanied her.  Our speaker was Town of Newburgh Supervisor, Gil Piaquadio, and
who was accompanied by Town Treasurer, Elizabeth Greene.



JoanMcGuirk introducing her staff speakers

The luncheon meeting was at St Lukes Hospital in the Board Room. Joan McGuirk, CEO of the hospital and Rotary member, hosted an interesting program regarding palliative care by  Dr. Kirti Joseph and Sue Marfore.



Our second meeting at Red Ginger featured speaker Patti Bassey, from SUNY Orange regarding their new BRIDGES, post secondary learning experience program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.



Dan, Pres. Dave and Jeaninne flank our new member, Deborah Sager

The Club initiated our fourth new member for the fiscal year, Deborah Sager. Welcome, Deborah!


Our meeting at Red Ginger featured speakers Laura Dunn and Det. Spampinato regarding DARE’s progress , a local youth development program supported by the Club.




Pic 1: Pres. Dave presents a $500 check to Independent Living representative, Julie Staunton.
Pic 2: Answar smoozes with the speaker Dennis Wepman

First meeting of the year at Gus’s. Dennis Wepman spoke regarding Newburghs jewel of a Museum, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. And a contribution was made to Independent Living’s Book for Kids.



Annual Christmas Party at the Powelton Club. Members had great fun with good food, a gift exchange game and music by Doug and his lovely wife.


Sponsor Knut, Membership Co-chair, Brenda and Bill Swart
Casey McDonald of the Hudson Valley Cancer Resource Center spoke regarding their service mentoring cancer patience through the complicated options during treatment. And, another new member was initiated and welcomed into the local Club.


Annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Walmart was successful breaking records for collection. Thank you Club member giving your time out in the cold!



Speaker wasJanice Valentine of Hospice.



Kathleen Maloney and  Eileen Osterby from Orange Trust & Bank.


The NFA Madrigal Singers

Speakers were officers from the Orange Trust & Bank Trust Devision. Also the group enjoyed our annual Christmas program by the NFA Madrigal Singers…more beautiful than ever!

More meetings & events on Members page.



Business Meeting.



Our speaker was Everett Smith, Editor of New Windsor Sentinel.



dsc_0305  dsc_0308
James Leiner presenting.                     As always, great food by the Powelton.

The meeting was upbeat as a result of the great success of our new”Hoops” fundraiser, grossing over $11,000 and all of the participants leaving with smiles on their faces. We also enjoyed a presentation re  donuts, the Salvation Army and WWII “Doughboys” by writer and historian James F. Leiner.



hoops-logo-image4  Hoops & Swish Basketball Fun-Raiser!   A slam dunk!
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